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Ukraine - Russia

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BBC - History of Modern Ukraine (Mar 2022)

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BBC 3 min historical short overviewing Ukraine developments 1991- present

Vox Media - Putin's war on Ukraine explained (Mar 2022)

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10 minute analytical video from Vox talks about Russia, NATO and geopolitical strategy

Select media coverage

Deep dive: long form content to further your understanding

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Borderland (2010)

For understanding the contemporary relationship between Russia and the Ukraine, this is one of the best books.

This is a highly readable book, targeted at a general audience.

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Bloodlands (2010)

Snyder investigates the motives and methods of Stalin and Hitler - a leadership duo which led to the killing of 14 million civillians between 1933 and 44.

This is good one for lovers of geopolitics and history, but weighs in at lengthy 544 pages.

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After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, a New Russia had to reinvent itself - politically and economically.  The end result was the Petrostate - an state centered on the export of vast mineral wealth.


With a straighforward tone, this book is an easy read for readers.

Petrostate (2012)

The Future is History (2017) 

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A very contemporary book, Gessen chorongraphs the dramatic rise and return of Russia, using Soviet style tactics - with a few changes.

Highly acclaimed by mainstream media and winner of the National Book award, this is clearly an important book, but takes time to digest.

Onward watching and listening 
DW- The end of a superpower
The Animated History of the USSR

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How can I help?

Aside from going to the frontlines, there's a few things you can do to help. You could consider donating to verified organizations, you can hire a Ukrainian freelancer for work, or you could host one of the millions of refugees across the globe through

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