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Psychology and the Pandemic

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Mental Health

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Why does it matter?

Covid has had a profound effect on mental health and personal well being, in ways that it will likely shape society for years to come.  The many impacts and neurobiological developments it causes are still being studied; it's important to add all this together to see what has been learned and to see where we can go from here.

Entry points

Americans describe the momentous mental health toll of the pandemic

COVID is Creating a Deadly Mental Health Crisis in America

Selected articles and texts

Deep dive: long form content to further your understanding

The Psychology of Pandemics


This book, published mere months before the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020, details the psychological factors associated with mass spread of infection.

Post-pandemic mental health - BBC4

BBC podcast All in the Mind presents a discussion with epidemiologist Daisy Fancourt of University College London. Dr. Fancourt discusses the pandemic's impact on mental health and the results of a wide-ranging survey conducted over the course of the pandemic.

Mayo Clinic Q&A Podcast: Mental health toll of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

An episode of the Spotify original podcast 'Reply All' focused on telling the stories of those who have struggled with mental health during the pandemic.

Pandemic Be Damned

Dr. Craig Sawchuk, chair of the Division of Integrated Behavioral Health at Mayo Clinic, hosts a Q&A podcast centered around strategies for dealing with mental health issues in the wake of COVID.

Here’s what we know about COVID-19’s impact on the brain

Mental Health in the New Normal: Shaping Our COVID Stories

Science Magazine speaks with a few medical experts about how COVID and long COVID have impacted the brain and neurological health. 

Dr. Rachel Wernicke, Chief Mental Health Officer at George Mason University, gives a TEDTalk aimed at explaining how we can ‘shape our narratives’ in a way that will help us survive the pandemic.

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