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Misinformation and Disinformation

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Social Media

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Public Policy

Why does it matter?

Disinformation is certainly nothing new (particularly in the form of propaganda), but the use of social media as a medium of distribution has propelled misinformation to new and terrifying heights. 

Entry points

Why people fall for misinformation

How Disinformation Is Taking Over the World

Selected articles and texts

Deep dive: long form content to further your understanding

The Misinformation Age: How False Beliefs Spread


This book looks at the phenomenon of 'fake news' from a psychological standpoint, arguing that social factors, not individual psychology, is most important when trying to understand why misinformation spreads so quickly.


Journalist and author Peter Pomerantsev "takes us to the front lines of the disinformation age," with a special focus on Russia and how the Kremlin is once again building power through propaganda - but this time with the power of social media behind it.

This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality

How Big Tech benefits from the disinformation panic

This episode of Vox Conversations features a discussion about the role of big tech companies in the proliferation of disinformation and why they are in no rush to slow it.

Communications professor Whitney Phillips sits down with NPR to talk about how the US can push back against disinformation and restore trust in institutions.

What Does It Take To Combat Disinformation?

How to recognize disinformation and how to stop it

As a former digital marketer, Deb Lavoy has plenty of experience with the potency of misinformation. Her TEDTalk breaks down the best strategies for recognizing disinformation and what we can do as a society to end it.

Misinformation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

A comedic yet informational look at misinformation, focusing on both its prevalence in immigrant diaspora communities and the indifference of the social media platforms it spreads through.

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