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Green Tech

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Public Policy

Why does it matter?

Climate change is real, it is a threat, and if we want to make any progress in stopping the tide of an impending climate catastrophe, big companies around the world will need to make big changes in how they do business.

Entry points

Can 100% renewable energy power the world?

How AI is helping reforestation

Selected articles and texts

Deep dive: long form content to further your understanding

Why Materials Matter: Responsible Design for a Better World


Described as half catalogue and half manifesto, this tome provides a look into new developments in sustainable materials, such as advancements in ultra-light steel. Solanki advocates for new approaches in how we create and consume.


This book highlights sustainable technology as a profitable business strategy, indicating that the idea of sustainability isn’t just for environmentalists anymore. Authors Pernick and Wilder put a spotlight on the areas of 'clean tech' that they're particularly excited about.

The Clean Tech Revolution: The Next Big Growth and Investment Opportunity

The future of green travel

The Economist presents a deep dive into sustainable transportation and imagines what air travel will look in 20 years' time, focusing on sustainable fuels that could make flying carbon-neutral.

WIRED magazine explores the technicalities preventing many green energy projects from getting off the ground, from bureaucratic red tape to grid connectivity issues.

Everyone Wants to Build Green Energy Projects. What's the Hold-up?

Technology can save the planet

How Data and Technology Can Enable Climate Solutions

Environmental consulting expert Rune Westergard preaches an optimistic message in his TEDTalk: that humanity can survive a rapidly changing planet, but we must use technology in order to adapt.

The New York Times Climate Hub presents this discussion about how we can create solutions to climate change - but first, we need to make full use of the data we have in order to understand what we are up against.

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