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Russia Is Spreading Garbage Information, And Then It Might Use That Garbage Information To Justify Starting A War

Christopher Miller


6 min

Ground report

20 February 2022

Original Content 

A “car bombing,” an “attack” on a water station, and “mass graves” of Russian speakers “exterminated” by Ukraine’s military. President Vladimir Putin accusing Kyiv of committing “genocide.”

These are just four of the incendiary and utterly false claims Russia has made about Ukraine in the past several days, all focused on the Russian-controlled Donbas region, the site of the 8-year-old war. They are mixed with unproven or dubious, at best, reports that claim there’s a “Ukrainian agent” plotting bloody acts of sabotage, “Ukrainian terrorists” in a “secret hideout,” and Ukrainian artillery “shellings” just across the border in the Russian Rostov region.

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