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Circular Economy across Australia: Taking Stock of Progress and Lessons

Anthony Halog, Raquel Balanay, Sandra Anieke & Tsz Yan Yu

Circular Economy and Sustainability

18 pages

Academic Paper

17 March 2021

Original Content 

Australia has intensified its circular economy (CE) efforts that demonstrate designing out waste while creating wealth. It has developed eco-industrial parks in metallurgy/metal industries, eco-cities and small-scale waste-to-wealth creation strategies. Mining has taken the lead in CE development with the eco-industrial areas at Kwinana, Western Australia, and Gladstone, Queensland. Easing up the waste burden, eco-efficiency and value addition are the direct benefits of circularizing the economy. Shortsightedness in looking up for opportunities across the supply chain, technological constraints, lack of policy coordination for business innovation, economic recession induced by the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of incentives to change behavior from linear to circular economy are among the barriers pointed out.

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